Top Futures to Watch in 2021 for Day Traders: Crude Oil, Gold, Natural Gas, Corn and Bitcoin

Top Futures to Watch in 2021 for Day Traders: Crude Oil, Gold, Natural Gas, Corn and Bitcoin

As a day trader, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to futures. Futures are contracts that allow traders to buy or sell assets at a specific price on a future date. Here are some of the best futures to watch in 2021:

1) Crude Oil: With the world slowly recovering from the pandemic, crude oil demand is expected to increase. As economies reopen, and travel resumes, prices for crude oil will likely rise.

2) Gold: In times of uncertainty and economic downturns, gold has always been seen as a safe haven asset. With inflation concerns rising globally due to government stimulus packages, investing in gold futures can be an excellent hedge against inflation.

3) Natural Gas: Natural gas is one of the most volatile commodities out there. It’s highly sensitive to weather patterns; therefore, traders need to keep an eye on forecasts before trading natural gas futures.

4) Corn: The corn market is heavily influenced by weather patterns and crop yields. With climate change affecting agriculture worldwide, corn prices may see significant fluctuations in 2021.

5) Bitcoin: Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular among investors over recent years. Bitcoin has soared during this pandemic period as institutional investors invest billions into this digital asset class.

It’s essential for day traders not only to identify profitable opportunities but also manage risk effectively with stop-loss orders when they trade these highly-volatile markets effectively. By keeping up-to-date with current events affecting these markets mentioned above and having a robust trading strategy in place will help traders navigate through these uncertain times successfully!

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